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Funded Research Projects

The mission of the UCI Initiative to End Family Violence is to solve the problems of family violence and gender-based violence by uniting the expertise of university and community partners in collaborative research, education, and clinical responses to abuse.

Pilot Grant Criteria

Pilot Grants of $10,000-$20,000 are intended to foster innovative interdisciplinary research on family violence at any stage(s) across the lifespan. Applicants should submit proposals that advance the prevention of or intervention in family violence or knowledge of the dynamics of family violence. Emphasis will be placed on the innovation and transformative potential of submitted proposals.

Participation of faculty from at least two schools or programs at UCI is required. Grants are intended to support a new research endeavor rather than an existing undertaking. These research grants are not intended to fund a program or the evaluation of a program. Principal Investigators must be fulltime UCI faculty from any school or discipline.

Collaborative-Building Grant Criteria

Grants of $2,000-$6,000 will be available for collaborative-building efforts, such as:

  • Bringing together experts for a colloquium; creating collaborative projects
  • Forming partnerships and planning research-oriented projects, including gaining IRB approval
  • Conducting a small-scale study that generates findings to be further studied or tested in a larger, follow-up research study
  • Other endeavors that lead to projects, collaborations, or publications

Projects will be considered for their ingenuity and potential to contribute to the increased understanding of, prevention of, and/or intervention in family violence. Community organizations, faculty, healthcare providers, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, or senior researchers may apply for collaborative-building grants.


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