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The Initiative to End Family Violence envisions is a world in which people of all ages are safe within their families and relationships.

The Initiative is the first endeavor in the world that works across the lifespan to address family violence (including child abuse, teen dating violence, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and elder abuse), and is the first to unite such a diverse range of disciplines to engage in groundbreaking research, education, and clinical care that fundamentally transforms the field of family violence. 

We are now accepting donations to support all aspects of our programing including:

  • Clinical Care Collaborations: $200+ to engage in interdisciplinary interventions with family violence victims (Ex: art or dance therapy, medical-legal responses) 
  • Workshops: $300 to host an on-campus presentation by a local speaker or researcher
  • Trainings: $500 to train local advocates, therapists, attorneys, medical professionals, and others
  • Curricular or Collaborative-Building Grants: $2,000-6,000 to create new courses or community-partnered projects
  • Survivor Series$3,000 to host a survivor to speak with local audiences about experiences of abuse. This series has been a critical way to help practitioners, scholars, community members, and students understand the complex dynamics of family violence
  • Graduate Student Fellows Program: $3,500-5,000 to sponsor a Fellow’s research on family violence
  • Distinguished Lectures: $5,000 to host a national or international expert
  • Interdisciplinary Research Grants: $25,000 to sponsor an interdisciplinary, groundbreaking research project (Ex: Modeling Brain Trauma in Children) 
  • Larger gifts are also sought to fund a Project Coordinator, develop the world’s first minor in Family Violence Prevention and Intervention, and fund a center
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